Mini Portraits

My miniature portraits are a  economical way to give someone the gift of personalized art.

Only 8″ x 10″ in size, they fit in any 11″ x 14″ standard matted frame.

Order specifications

$150.00 each/Allow for a 6 week turn-around

Larger Works

Larger  custom portraits can be created in 3 sizes: 11″ x 15″, 22″ x 15″ and 30″ x 22″.

Prices are based on a square inch calculation, and factor in difficulty of the subject and the number of subjects.   I ask for at least a 3-month lead time for larger works, in order to dedicate enough time.  

Call or write to me to obtain an estimate.

I work primarily from photographs in order to get as accurate of a representation of my subject as possible. (Children and pets are not known for holding still long, and adults tend to fidget, too.)

Photographs must be digital and large enough for me to see the fine details. For instance, the “whites of their eyes.” 

For larger commissioned works, it is easiest for me to have a good selection to work with, so a photo session is highly recommended, if possible.  

If location or other reasons do not permit an onsite session, then we can work together to determine if one of your existing photos will work for what you have in mind.i

I work in watercolor only, so please do not ask for an acrylic or oil painting.

Your painting will be produced using artist-grade watercolor paper. The surface of professional watercolor paper is real cotton and 100% acid-free, which means the white surface will not turn yellow over the years.

My paint pallete consists of artist-grade watercolors, with no fugitive colors used. 

I do not normally frame commission work, as the client often wishes to match their decor. Your finished work will be delivered in a presentation package and protected with a plastic sheath.

I strongly recommend using a professional framer, to protect your investment for years to come.

My average time frame for completing a miniature is 1-2 weeks, but I ask for a month turn-around, especially during the holiday season.

Production line-up is first come, first painted.

For larger, more complex works (full or 1/2 sheet), I ask for at least a 3-month lead time. 

The cost of your commissioned work can depend on a few factors.  The size of the finished piece, the complexity of the chosen image, etc.

I primarily work in two sizes: 15″ X 22″ (half sheet) and 15″ X 11″ (quarter-sheet). 

But, to give you an idea, portraits start at $500.  Pet portraits start at $500.