If you have reached this page, you are scheduled to take a portrait class with me!

We will be using Zoom to virtually see each other (and me) during the workshop.

To access my Zoom room, click on the button to the right.

I will send you the same link prior to class via email.

Workshop Workbook

Before class begins, please download the PDF to the right.  

This contains all of the reference images we will use during the course, as well as my materials list and syllabus.

You can print it out for reference or use it as a digital guide.

On Day 2, we will be painting a full portrait, using one of these 3 images.

You can download these here or in the file area below.

If you use a tablet or another electronic way for your photo references – and want to have the reference images only – you can download them below and then copy them to a photo folder on your tablet.

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Thumbnail for Option3.jpgOption3.jpg

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Thumbnail for Option2.jpgOption2.jpg

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Thumbnail for Option1.jpgOption1.jpg

Day 2 Portrait Reference

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Thumbnail for D1_Nose_Reference.jpgD1_Nose_Reference.jpg

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Thumbnail for D1_Mouth_Reference.jpgD1_Mouth_Reference.jpg

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Thumbnail for D1_LightonFace.jpgD1_LightonFace.jpg

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Thumbnail for D1_Eyes_Reference.jpgD1_Eyes_Reference.jpg

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Thumbnail for D1_Ears_Reference.jpgD1_Ears_Reference.jpg

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