Please, please, please, do not rush out and buy paint!

It is a big pet peeve of mine that every instructor has a slightly different supply list.  I love to study with other people. But I hate having to get new paints that I may never use again. If my husband ever know how many tubes of paint I have purchased over the years, he would kill me.
Use what you have! I will paint the majority of any portrait with just a 3-color triad. 

What I want you do is have a cool and warm yellow, a cool and warm red, and a cool and warm blue. I have some convenience colors on my palette as well.

Here is a  list of paints currently on my palette and some substitutions you can use, if you have them instead.

In my studio, I use a Stephen Quiller palette, which sits on a rolling dental tray.  There is a porcelain version of this palette available, but I just use the plastic version.  (Maybe one day . . .)  

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