Do Me a Flavor

Do Me a Flavor was recently selected for the Southern Watercolor Society 41st Annual Juried Exhibition in Bradenton, Florida.

The juror will be John Salminen, and it will be on display from May 15, 2018 through June 22, 2018.

About the Process


  • Metamorphisis was selected for the 2018 Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibit.  
  • Awarded with the GWS Peach Award (highest award for Georgia residents included in the competition) and 7th place nationally.
  • GWS signature status achieved

Juror: Kathleen Conover

A little different of an approach for me.  I have been experimenting with applying a gesso and matte medium mixture to my paper before applying paint.  It give is a more textured appearance. Before applying any paint, I used butterfly stencils (using cardboard) and sponged on the mixture, to echo the butterfly on her shirt and play on the metamorphosis theme.  

About the Process

Silent Partner

Silent Partner was selected for the 2017 Georgia Watercolor Society Members Exhibit

Juror: Jeannie McGuire

About the Process

What's the story?

I took this photo one evening while at one of favorite places, Seagles Bar, in St. Mary’s, Georgia,  We own a 1905 Victorian home there, right across the street, so it is a great place to stumble home from. 
And it has the most awesome people.  This is Bob, the husband of the bartender, Cindy.  Cindy’s famous for her loud, boisterous personality, and Bob works silently in the background, helping her out.