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Wednesday’s Child

First Place in the ROY G BIV Juried Exhibition

I got a phone call from one of my best friends last Friday.  

“You won!”

Me: “Won what?”

“First place!” 

She was at the Bank of the Arts, the beautiful historic building that is the home of our local arts council.  It was ArtWalk night, which happens each month in New Bern. 

This month, the big event was the unveiling of the annual ROY G BIV exhibit.  If you are wondering what that is . . . it’s the acronym for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.  In my opinion, it is the coolest exhibition they do annually.

Each participating artist is randomly assigned a color and given a 12″ x 12″ blank panel.  Any and all mediums are welcome.  This year, there were over 150 artists included in the show.

What an honor! 

Here are the images of each color grouping, so you can how cool they are.  My favorites were some of the quilting pieces.  

As soon as I drew the color blue from the bowl, I thought, “Blue hair.”  And blue eyes, of course.  My source was an old black and white photo, so that gave me the freedom to play with the color as I wanted.

I loved the yearning and desolation in her expression, she seemed to be “feeling the blues.”  I played with the layout in PhotoShop, working with her in the 12×12 field.  

My substrate is Aquabord, which is an amazing claybord surface made by Ampersand.  Luckily, the make it in a 12×12 size!

I used a limited palette of quinacridone rose, lemon yellow and phthalo blue (green shade) and for the most part, mixed the colors on the painting, letting them mingle as they wanted. 

After the first wash

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