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A Few New Works from 2023

I have been so busy painting that I have forgotten to post.  So to catch up (and show people I haven’t disappeared from the face of the planet) here are some finished larger works from the first few months of 2023, with a few notes on each.



Here is the source photo for this one, so you can see how I cropped it down. 


This is an almost full sheet (20×30) so rather large for me.  But I felt the amount of detail I wanted to include required more room.



I loved the shadow on the tree, and the high contrast of the image.  Also, this man just made me smile.  I just loved his attire and his stance as he leaned against this tree, watching his child compete at a local school race.

Chain Reaction

I worked primarily from a black and white image for this, so I thought it best to share that reference.  Again, I really wanted to highlight the sunlight and contrast of the image.  As well, I just loved their expressions.


The Grass Is Always Greener

Here is the source photo for this one.  I loved the diagonal of the fence, and the symbolism behind what “a white picket fence” represents.   My primary goal was to give her a little more “glow” and leave the open space leading down into the side of face.


She was accepted into the 2023 GWS National Show, so I will be framing her shortly and sending her off down south.

The Road Ahead

I show the reference here, so everyone can see how I cropped the image.  I am working more on including landscape imagery in my backgrounds, to tell a story.  As you can tell, I removed a lot of the details and moved them around to achieve a better design.  

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