High Brow

What's the story?

One of favorite things to do is take photos at parades.  You can capture so many different faces, without people giving you suspicious looks. 

I have no idea who this man in; he was just riding his golf cart around the parade route at the Fourth of July parade in St. Mary’s, Georgia.  But I just adored his eyebrows. 

My title came even before the painting started.  High Brow.   Which made me start thinking about the background.  

In this day and age, the “average white guy” is in a tough spot.  This man’s look, and the wrought-iron gate behind him, made me think of the difference between his small-town existence and the perspective of those that now look down on him.  So I went with it.

I am not really a political or “statement” artist, so I guess I will go back to painting adorable kids and pets.

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